duminică, 20 august 2017

Ferrari concepts

Ferrari F1 Stradale

Old & Vision 2017 -render with Intel Core 2Duo CPU E4600 2,4GHZ, 4GB RAM - NVIDIA GForce 9600GT  512MB - so where the F*** are the details? ;))

It would look good in a museum

I didn't insisted on the details because here what matters is the idea

marți, 11 aprilie 2017

My Old design, but renders from 2017

Extrem Future Car - One of the variants of My Dissertation (2010) - render 2017

Dropshadow II vs Mclaren P1

concept 2009/2010

Ferrari F70 designed in 2006/2007

Dropshadow concept 2008/2009

Spyder concept 2007

sâmbătă, 11 februarie 2017

2017 Paintings

..."The mysterious forest Baciu"... (Cluj-Napoca- Romania) 

"Successions and center of interest"

Self portrait as Noe / Noah

"Green Landscape"

   " Succession "
I decided to let my spirit to play into a chaotic succession of colors. So the result is what you see :)